She is JT

I believe that reading, traveling, and meeting new people are the very best things one can do in this life. At thirty years old, I still feel young and childlike. Life is a process, and I'll probably never get it quite right. The J stands for Judy.

My background:

  • I grew up outside of Detroit, and attended Western Michigan University, where I double-majored in English and Comparative Religion and minored in Anthropology. This, I like to call my Trifecta of Useless Information.
  • I've held a variety of odd jobs during my professional career including working as a school photographer, quality control assistant, hospital unit coordinator, copywriter, freelance writer, blogger, online marketer, and customer service specialist.
  • I work in the internet industry as a writer as well as freelancing on the side.

My interests:

  • Reading, writing, etymology, linguistics, religion, genetics, history, psychology...basically the things that have formed mankind.
  • Hiking, snowshoeing, camping.
  • Traveling and meeting new people.
  • Cooking and eating--I may not be a great cook, but I sure am an adventurous one!
  • Shoes.

He is JD

It started on a train shaking down the old rails through the darkness between Katowice and Krakow. We were totally out of our element, hardly anyone spoke English, and we weren't totally sure that we were even on the right route. We'd been shuffled onto the local car by a conductor who barely looked at our tickets before pointing us in. The car was eerily dark; we'd gotten in the one that apparently did not have electricity for internal lighting. So here we sat in the dark, unsure if we were even on the right train, in a foreign land and headed to a place we'd never been.

And I realized I've never felt so alive. I knew we'd make it through it and have adventures along the way, no matter how things fell out.

I fell in love with travel that day.

My background:

  • Kid from Oklahoma, moved around a ton growing up. Went to college in Michigan, settled after with my wife in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Eight year veteran of the internet industry, having helped grow several of the most successful startups in our state. My game is data and analytics and I'm good at my game. 

My interests:

  • Adventure! 
  • Experiencing cultures through food,  music, and celebration. I also truly enjoy architecture as a symbol of culture, politics, history, and ideals.
  • Snowboarding, skydiving, sharkdiving, hiking, boating.
  • Games and gaming.
  • History, politics, religion, philosophy.
  • Getting to know people from different backgrounds and see how they're living.
  • Creating as many memorable moments as I can fit into this life.