Day 15 - Desert crossing plans

Bonneville Salt Flats, AKA the largest Margarita glass rimmer on earth.

After a day in San Francisco with our friends JP, Aaron, and Matteo, we're headed on a three day trek to Denver. 

I want to keep you up to date with our plans, so please see below.




Highlights from the trip to come:

  • Long first day drive to Wendover, UT, but we'll wake up Thursday morning and get to see the Bonneville Salt Flats, a piece of terrain I doubt we'll see the like of again.
  • 5 hours drive away will put us at Moab, UT, where we will explore the Arches National Park.  Apparently there are a ton of first-come, first-served campsites that we can use there, with apparently beautiful views. We will camp there Thursday night.
  • After that, our drive takes us right through the mountains and on to Denver.  

Any suggestions for must-sees along the way?