Where the heck are you guys?

By Jason 

Hey Guys! 

Sorry it's been so long. We've made it to Michigan about two weeks ago, and have been rocking and rolling here with little time to blog and little to blog about that y'all would find as interesting as I do. 

In short, after spending a few days in Dallas we spent 3 days driving to Michigan. In this time, we: 

  • Toured Mammoth Cave
  • Ate at Waffle House and Cracker Barrel (Both huge disappointments from my teenage recollections!)
  • Stayed in a cheap motel
  • Saw beautiful Lexington, KY

Since being in Michigan we've been able to pick up our exercise routine, cook meals again, and spend a TON of time with family. We've really enjoyed being able to reconnect with everyone without the looming threat of a return flight hanging over my head.  

We also had the opportunity to make it to Cedar Point (Best park in America!) and spend a couple days having a great adventure there with our nieces. Posts to follow.

What's up next

Some important dates and information: 

  • ~August 18th-20th we'll be making our way to the East Coast, spending some time in Philadelphia and in New York
  • August 23rd - We fly to Iceland, spend three days in Reykjavik. We've already got a host lined up (Thank you, Couchsurfing!)
  • August 27th - Fly to Bergen Norway, where we will be spending 10 days working on a farm.
  • September 6th-9th - Make our way to Copenhagen
  • September 9th and on - meander down to Germany, meet up with Jim, road trip to Belgium, then back down to Germany.

Posts may be more or less frequent during the next two weeks, as we're really trying to maximize our time spent with family. Posts upcoming include: 

  • Pictures! (Though not as many as I'd hoped... we lost our camera at Cedar Point. Boo.)
  • Full budget recap of our road trip. 
  • Reflections on the whole thing now that we're over a month into it. This trip has already been life-changing in many ways, and we haven't even left US soil.