Where are we (Norway edition)

The farmhouse at Solthun.

More specifically, we're staying in the camper on the side of the property. Here's a good look at it: 


Our home.

Our home.

On a map! 

Life has been really nice here. Things have slowed down quite a bit while we take in a bit of Norwegian life.

Things we've done so far include: 

  • Splitting wood
  • Feeding chickens and quails
  • Pulling weeds
  • Petting Sheep
  • Helping with English homework
  • Helping to set up, run, and take down a stall at the Farmers Market at Hanevik. We were selling both chicken and quail eggs as well as prepared canapes and hard-boiled quail eggs.  
  • Going fishing in the sea for mackerel 
  • Hiking on Ulrichen, a large mountain outside of Bergen.

Our hosts have been excellent, and we've had great food and conversation. Will share more later, but we've had a great experience learning from some experienced travelers (they traveled FIVE MONTHS with two young children!). We've also had the opportunity to really learn about how people are living in another country; something that you don't really get staying around other travelers. It's also nice to work for your bed and food; I think it alleviates some of the awkwardness of the host/guest relationship and allows everyone to feel that they're getting something positive out of the deal.

Lastly, staying here has been extremely healthy on our budget. Still have to do the numbers, but I think we've gotten a lot closer to the average we're trying to hit, but in no way do I feel like we're cheapening our experience. If anything we've really expanded the value of our time here.

All in all a very positive experience! We're here until the 10th, so we'll have more to report later on.  

You can see more pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93082022@N06/sets/72157635293074373/ 

h, and because y'all have been asking for it here's a picture of Judy working on a farm: