Day 7 - Update

By Jason

I have a little niggling anxiety about this trip and that is this: I'm concerned that in all of our travels we will fail to find anything as beautiful and peace-bringing as a Spring day in Seattle.  

Today marks the 7th day since this whole thing began and I'm happy to report that we've made a good amount of progress on a number of things. Bullets of information! 

  • The leasing listing is live (and alliterative!). 
  • We've already had a good number of visitors through the house, and we're looking to review applications tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have some.  
  • We've been given the go ahead from our leasing company to build a room of sorts in the basement for the storage of our stuff. This is awesome as it allows us to not have to rent a storage unit or a truck to take things to that storage unit. 
  • Apollo moved into his new home on Saturday. I think he'll be happy there while we are gone, but I'm not going to say it wasn't difficult. He's a good friend, and once we settle back down I'll be very glad to have him back in our lives. Many thanks to our friend who was so generous to provide him a home in our absence.

Our list this week:

  • Build a room in the basement
  • Get the chimney cleaned
  • Get the front door fixed
  • Get some inspections done
  • Move everything out of the house and in to the basement. 

I'll be posting some more thoughts later, but so far things are back on track. Assuming we get everything done it's looking like this thing starts in earnest by Friday at the latest, and possible Thursday. 

(PS - We've received requests to put more pictures up. I'm totally down to do that, but first I have to find my camera. Moving is a great way to lose track of your stuff!)